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PRICES: All prices include VAT, 24%.

Brand photography as an exception. Contracts for business photography are always drawn up separately, accordingly to the customer's needs.  

The price list is valid until further notice, from 1/2022. There will be no changes to the prices agreed on at time of booking. Each package includes a certain number of photos and additional photos have their own price list. Black and white images must be ordered separately. 50€ will be charged for black and white copies of photos already paid for.  

PAYMENT: Photograph sessions are always paid for in advance, either in cash, by card or by invoice. Any additional photos will be charged afterwards.

Fees for documentary wedding photography sessions can also be agreed to be paid in installments. When booking wedding photos, a booking fee is always charged, a minimum of 100€, which will be deducted from the final invoice.  

CONTENTS OF THE SHOOTING PACKAGE: The photography packages include a photography session, at an agreed time and place, ready edited images in the amount of the selected image package, delivered digitally. Images are sent to the customer through a secure online gallery link. The image link is provided by email, text message or chat and the customer receives the right to view the images. When the selected images are notified to the photographer, the link becomes a downloading link. The instructions can be found in the folder and the customer agrees to follow the instructions.  

Images are always edited, following the photographers style. Additional image editing is not part of the service. Eg: hair color modifications, cosmetic changes etc. I delete e.g. visible wounds, bumps (as children often tend to hurt themselves just before a session), I remove "surprise guests" from outdoor images, and any other small bugs, hairs, blurs etc., but all other image editing is not part of my services. If there is any questions before our session, please let me know and we can figure things out.

DELIVERY TIME: Delivery times vary seasonally. Portraits, family photography 2-4 weeks and wedding photos 4-6 weeks. Wedding portraits will be delivered faster, in about two weeks. 

Fast delivery surcharge is 50€. A request for a faster delivery must be agreed upon at the time of booking.

COPYRIGHT AND USE RIGHTS: AKL Design owns all copyrights of the photos.

The customer has their digital prints and can order them freely from any given place, for their own use.

When posting photos on social media accounts, please add a mention of the photographer @ Aino-Kaisa Lonka or @AKL Design.

Commercial use without a separate agreement is prohibited. Any editing of images (cropping, filters, etc.) is prohibited.

Photos may not be shared with third parties. All copying and unauthorized use of my photos is strictly prohibited.  

The customer is committed to the style and execution of the selected photographer that they have chosen and the photos will be delivered to the customer in the style of the photographer.  

All copyrights remain with the photographer and he or she may use the images in a portfolio, social media and any other marketing-related matter.

If the customer does not want their photos to appear in a portfolio on the graph's website, it can be declared that the customer agrees to an agreement in which the photographer may use "faceless" images in their portfolio (e.g., images of small details or unidentified portraits). CVs, ID card photos, etc. do not end up in the portfolio.  

AKL Design always respects the customer's privacy and uses discretion in the selection photos for public use.

By reading all the terms of the agreement, the customer agrees to these terms and agrees to follow and understand all conditions.

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